Can youth revitalise democracy? Yes they can!

Schermafbeelding 2014-07-01 om 11.12.01Next november the World Forum for Democracy will open it’s doors to investigate if youth can revitalise democracy. Over 150 countries and probably over 1500 participants will gather to discuss best practices and take them a big step further.

The Social Innovation Lab will be there, reporting on labs, breaking news, thoughts and new roadmaps for the future of democracy.

We will team up again with the World Forum for Democracy, the on-line magazine and students of the Windesheim Honours College to report on the World Forum and bring you some stunning stories, day to day social media coverage and in-depth interviews.

On YouTube

Want to know more about some youth applicants and why they want to enter the Forum? Go to YouTube and search for World Forum For Democracy 2014. You will be amazed! They sure can revitalise democracy! We took a random dive into the pool of applicants and attached a few.

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